Welcome to Companion K9 Dog Training, INC!

Our goal at CK9DT is to teach you and your dog the necessary skills so your dog can have a long lasting relationships with people and other animals. We understand the need of having a trained dog. We love our dogs, and we want you to love yours just as much. Through training and nurturing, your dog will become a integral member of your family.

Tony Allen Laycock Jr. 

Founder / Owner / President.

I have a Deep love and Compassion for animals, especially dogs. Having grown up with dogs my whole life I wanted to learn more about how they think, feel, and learn. Having learned both the old and new in dog training I discovered and learned that physical punishment is not the most effective form of dog training. In fact, My research shows that it degrades the relationship more than one may think. Turning away from Traditional training I decided to Form a more Balance approach that allows people and their dog to communicate on a more Positive level. In response to the lack of dog trainers utilizing a more positive approach, I decided to form Companion K9 Dog Training, INC utilizing a more Positive Reinforcement Training.

I have the following Certifications & Memberships:

  1. (GOAL) Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) 
  2. Professional Member of the Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)  Member #:88400
  3. Doggone Safe Be A Tree Presenter

Help! My dog is driving me CRAZY!!!!

Before we agree to any services and Quotes you MUST fill our Training & Behavior form.


Biting, growling, or other aggressive behavior towards people or dogs


Fighting with other dogs, whether in the house or in other places


Jumping up on people, furniture, or other unwanted areas


Pulling or jumping up on owner, and reactivity towards dogs/animals


Fearfulness toward people, animals, vacuum cleaners, and more

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