Aggression Resources

12 Types Of Canine Aggression By Veterinary Network.

Why Do Dogs Bite Children? Parents, You Can Prevent Dog Attacks In Kids!

I really like this video and it explains why children get bitten so I wanted to posted. Video By :  BrightDog Academy Dog Training

Other links to helpful resources by Dr. Yin, I have a Very High Respect for her and her insights on training and behavior. 

Quick Jump:

Aggression: Dog Bite Prevention

Aggression: Fear and Anxiety

Aggression: General Aggression

Aggression: Inter-dog Aggression

Aggression: Possession Aggression

Aggression: Predatory Aggression

Aggresssion: Dominance
Barking or Whining


Body Language


Choosing the Right Dog

Cognition/Intelligence in Dogs

Cold Weather Safety

Come When Called

Dominance in Dogs

Electronic Collars


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