Our Group Classes

Our group classes are an excellent, affordable option for all ages and breeds! Whether you have a new puppy in need of socialization or an older dog that needs more training around distractions, we have a class for you!

NOTE: If your dog is struggling with reactivity, fear, or aggression, we recommend our private classes

“Basic Obedience”

For dogs 6+ months old

This is a foundation class for newly adopted dogs, family pets and companion dogs. Our Basic Obedience Class allows eight to ten dogs per class and covers the following four key areas of training: 

1. Basic commands

We start with basic luring and teach behaviors then progress towards teaching your dog to Sit on Command, Sit/Stay, Down on Command, Down/Stay, Come When Called and Leave it (food refusal). We use reward-based training methods paired with a training collar if necessary.

2. Loose leash heel

Does your dog pull on the leash? Does he zig zag in front of you? Are walks stressful? Let us help! This class goes in depth to teach loose leash heel properly through the use of leash pressure, reward-based training techniques and training collars. By the end of class, your dog will go into heel position, walk on a loose leash next to you and automatically sit when you stop walking. 

3. Manners around people and dogs

When your friend walks up to say hi, does your dog jump on her? What happens when another dog approaches? It’s not enough for you to enjoy your dog – other people should too! By the end of this course, your dog will sit politely next to you when people approach with dogs to greet you, and he’ll sit nicely for petting. He won’t jump up or bark at other dogs, and he’ll be able to walk calmly past other dogs when out for a walk with you. Having a well-mannered dog makes a world of difference. You’ll be thankful later!

At the end of this class, your dog will take a test that includes the following:

  1. Manners around people (sitting politely while owner greets stranger)
  2. Manners around dogs (sitting politely while new dog approaches)
  3. Sit and Stay for 1 minute from 6 feet away
  4. Down and Stay for 2 minutes from 6 feet away
  5. Come when called to front-sit from 20 feet away
  6. Walk on a loose leash (L turn, R turn, about face, auto sit at stop)
  7. Place Command (5 minutes with distractions from 10 feet away)
  8. Leave it (food refusal)

Cost: Class costs $120 per dog for the full course. A nonrefundable $50 deposit is required to reserve a spot in class for your dog, and the balance is due the first day of class or you may pay online in our Store


Selmer Dixie Park, 

City Park Rd
Selmer, TN 38375

More classes and Locations in Near Further.

Upcoming Classes at CK9DT- Selmer:

4 Week Classes 1-2 PM

Start Date: April 7th; End Date: May 7th

Group Class Sign up form. Now is the time to sign up and sign ups end for this class on March 1st 2018. If you sign up after then you will go to next class. 

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City Park Rd Selmer, TN 38375

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