Our Philosophy

Companion K9 Dog Training, INC is committed to the use of Balance Reinforcement BUT Mainly Positive Reinforcement. Through application of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, we believe you can encourage your pet to engage in many desirable behaviors and eliminate problematic ones. Animals learn best when they are motivated to perform, when the expectations are clear, when learning is fun, and consistency is provided.

We use positive reinforcement techniques that are humane, easy to implement, and proven to get results.  We treat your pets as if they were part of “our gang.”  We do not believe in force-based methods of training; they simply aren’t necessary.  

We utilize a number of rewards with our dogs, including food, toys, treats, praise, petting, play, attention, and access to preferred activities.  We will show you not only how to shape the behaviors you want, but also how to fade out the reinforcement and learn how to condition your dogs to other reinforcers and a more variable schedule of reinforcement.

We want to be your go-to resource for pet training and behavior.  We aim to create an environment of support for pet owners, and to create a community of caring, responsible pet owners.

Here are some of the things we can help you and your pet with…

  • puppy socialization, manners, and housebreaking
  • basic obedience and household manners (such as a solid recall, appropriate greetings, crate training, nail trimming, etc.)
  • foundation sports training for fun or competition level ( Will be coming Soon)
  • multi pet household management (including multiple cat, multiple dog, and cat/dog)
  • clicker training
  • integrating a new pet into your home
  • teaching tricks, games, and other fun ways to exercise your dog’s mind and body
  • reactivity, dog-dog aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding

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